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The district fills positions deemed essential by the AVUHSD Board and Cabinet Review. 

    AVUHSD Office Hours.  As always, be sure to carefully check any actual posted application-deadlines  which may be different from office hours. Be sure to scroll to bottom of any page for all information.

CLICK ON ANY ITEM BELOW or you may VIEW the item by clicking on the "gear" button to your right!

  File Modified
PDF File Aesop - Reporting Absence Guide.pdf Jul 20, 2016 by Chris Jarrett
PDF File ANNUAL MANDATED TOPICS TRAINING INFO - UPDATED JULY 2017.pdf Annual training for all AVUHSD employees! Jul 26, 2017 by Chris Jarrett
PDF File CalSTRS Rate Increase Letter 07-01-15.pdf Jul 01, 2015 by Chris Jarrett
PDF File code of ethics.pdf Nov 05, 2009 by Chris Jarrett
PDF File Employee Political Activity 091611.pdf Sep 19, 2011 by Chris Jarrett
PDF File Helpful Tip - If you Change One, you may want to change more.pdf Aug 07, 2014 by Chris Jarrett
PDF File TECHNOLOGY AND COMPUTER USAGE - AUG 2014.pdf Sep 04, 2014 by Chris Jarrett


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